Dr Adegbola Ojo
 is a visionary academic who balances the triple helix of leading-edge academic research with robust industry-relevant applications and agile impact-focused global research consultancy. His core mission in research, teaching and service to the community is mastering world systems, innovation and development.

Present Appointment
Senior Lecturer in Urban Geography & Applications of Big Data
Director of Teaching and Learning
School of Geography
University of Lincoln
United Kingdom

Education and Qualifications
PhD in Quantitative Human Geography, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.
MSc in Geographic Information Science, University College London, United Kingdom.
BSc in Geography and Planning Sciences, University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.
Diploma in Computer Studies, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

Research Interests
I am generally interested in understanding and representing social and spatial dynamics and intricacies of population behaviour within a framework of Interdisciplinary Studies, Population Geography, Quantitative Social Science and Computer Modelling. My research activities are grouped around the development and application of small area classifications, geographic information systems and geographic information science for informing public policy.

A series of themes and application areas include:

  • Census and Social Survey Research Practice
  • Geodemographics
  • Urban Geography
  • Crime Science
  • Space-time Dynamics of Population Mobility
  • Geographies of Health, Security and Development Studies
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Electoral and Political Geography
  • African Development Studies

I have particular interest in developing novel and multidisciplinary research methods for investigating inequalities and inequities at small spatial scales. For more details about my work, please see the publications, research and biography sections.




This book uses crime-science and traditional criminological approaches to explore urban crime in the rapidly urbanising country Nigeria, as a case study for urban crime in developing nations. The book includes a thorough explanation of key concepts alongside an examination of the contemporary configuration, dynamics, dimensions, drivers and potential responses to urban crime challenges.


Africa's first interactive, open-source and peer reviewed small area segmentation and geo-visualisation system developed for all Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Nigeria.
NIGECS has been used to illustrate how developing countries can gain insight into social and spatial disparities within their local communities and make more intelligent policy decisions. More information is available on this flyer.